SeeDakota LLC. was founded by Chase Dakota. Chase is a Temple University graduate with experience in advertising, branding, media & entertainment, and event planning. She is also a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA. Chase and her team are creators and curators, ready to bring your ideas to life!

SeeDakota LLC. is a newly developed media and branding company that can do everything from graphic design, and personal branding, to promotion and event planning. SeeDakota also works as a network to bring creatives and clients together.


SeeDakota can plan and coordinate your event for you. We know that planning and coordinating an event can be an extremely hectic process and we understand the needs and concerns of our clients. We can help bring your vision to life by coordinating your event.


SeeDakota has a team of designers who can bring your brand to life! We specialize in flyers, logos, website design, photography and many other graphic needs.